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HRD-102 Receiver Model HRD-102

The HRD-102 hearing assistance receiver from AvPRO is a lower cost alternative to adding assistive listening receivers to your existing system. This receiver is compatible with all the different brands of hearing assistance transmitters including Williams AV, Listen Technologies, Gentner, Telex and Drake. It can also be switched to a stereo mode and used with the Drake ALT 1000 or tuned to the FM broadcast band for use with Decade brand transmitters. Five frequencies can be programmed into memory using the front panel buttons. It even has a built in clock. Includes batteries and carry strap but does not include an earphone. Select any earphone or headphone from those pages on the web site.

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Comes with a one year parts and labor warranty from Crow River Audio.
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HRD-102   $34.95