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Neckloop Telecoil Couplers
NL001 AvPro Logo
Neckloops magnetically couple the audio output from an earphone or headphone jack into a hearing aid or other type of device equipped with a telephone pickup coil (T-coil).
36" loop size, 18" feed line, 3.5mm mono plug.
NL001   $49.95

Same neckloop with a 2.5mm plug.
NL002   $49.95

Child's size neckloop.
29" loop size, 13" feed line, 3.5mm mono plug.
NL003   $49.95

Same neckloop with a 2.5mm plug.
NL004   $49.95

Long feed line neckloop for talent cueing applications.
36" loop size, 45" feed line, 3.5mm mono plug.
NL005   $49.95

Same neckloop with a 2.5mm plug.
NL006   $49.95

Gentner Neckloop Gentner Logo
This new, second generation, Gentner telecoil neckloop is an inductive listening aid designed for hearing aid users. It is worn around the neck to transmit the electromagnetic energy of the audio signal to the hearing aid. The neck loop is compatible with any hearing aid equipped with a telecoil.
3.5mm mono plug. Gentner part number 910-402-105B.
GNT402105B   $49.95

LA-166 Listen Logo
This simple loop acts as a wireless connection to hearing aids equipped with a "T" coil. Listeners hook the loop into their wireless receiver, slip the loop around their neck, and the "T" coil picks up the sound and amplifies the transmitted sound into the ear.
37" loop size, 16" feed line, 3.5mm stereo plug.
LA-166   $49.95

LA-430 Listen Logo
Incorporating an advanced DSP loop driver, the LA-430 provides industry-leading assistive listening for individuals with telecoil-equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants. By providing the proper field strength and flat frequency response from the neck to the listening plane of the hearing aid, the LA-430 optimizes speech and enables a wide range of signal levels for a clear, reliable listening experience.
The integrated 3.5mm earphone jack allows the wearer to connect any of Listen Technologies' universal earphones or ear buds. The unit easily slips over the head to be worn comfortably around the neck, and it features a quick release for added safety.
21" loop size, 6" feed line, 3.5mm 4 cond. plug.
LA-430   $59.95

NKL001 Williams Logo
Same style neckloop from Williams Sound.
36" loop size, 18" feed line, 3.5mm mono plug.
NKL 001   $59.95

Same neckloop with a 3.5mm stereo plug (for use with PKT 2.0).
NKL 001-S   $59.95

NA-4S Telex Logo
The Telex NL-4S is a flexible plastic inductive neckloop, designed for use with personal and assistive listening portable receivers, specifically the Telex SoundMate range of portable personal listening products, and hearing aids with T-coils or induction receivers.
32" loop size, 14" feed line, 3.5mm mono plug.
NL-4S   $119.95

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